HCC Sunday Roast is back for 2012

Who’s keen?

Starts again on Sunday 8th July @ DISC, every 2 weeks 2-5pm on Sunday arvo’s thru to mid November.

3 Endurance races per grade.
Feature event
Division 1 (Senior A & B)
30km Points race (120 laps)

Division 2 (Senior C & D, Juniors)
20km Points race (80 laps)

HCC Sunday Roast details

I’ll get down for a couple hopefully

Noooo Sunday roasts are my favourite. Too bad I’m in Paris…

Started already? Didn’t have any racing this weekend just gone either!

Plan on getting to some Sunday Roasts this year if there isn’t a road TT on the same weekend…

anyone in for this weekend?

i’m thinkin about it, as is duggan…

I might… maybe. I got smashed last time in D/C on my miniature gear.

yeah i fully expect to get flogged

that’s ok though.

I’m keen.

you’ve done one before yeah?

what gearing where you looking at? not sure if my limited 88 or 94 will be enough…?

Not me this week. Racing the Vic Masters ITT saturday and Kew Boulevard ITT sunday morning…

Get some, dalai!

Yeah I’m thinking I’ll try the Roast this week. See if I can finish on the lead lap…

No mate I haven’t. Will be my first too. It was thinking a 92 will be fine.


2.6 ftw.


see that guy who won the sprint with 70 to go (@ approx 0:42)? apparently he’s quite handsome.