Hddr - hump day dirt rides

Wednesday at 6:30 to around 7:45, Meet point Toowong bustop - hit Coot-Tha and Gap Creek

CX and MTB bikes kinda deal

Ill need heads up the night before #becuasecommute but keen to do it weekly etc


Is there somewhere we can drive to and park with our MTB’s in the car? Keen for this.

toowoong bus stop, lots of parking. all the freds park there and ride up coot tha once then drive home.

would maybe a start time of 6am be better bnut?

Yea Six is good,

we meet in the carpark it will be empty at 6 ill be driving up so ill also park there

Oh Shi i thought you meant night times. I can’t do it :frowning:

Not sure, 6-7 is doable but given its a 20min ride to hit a trail and I’ll have to be on the way home by 7, would give me approx 20mins on the dirt…

So who is keen for tomorrow morning? meet up at 6

^ if he’s coming I’m in.

I might be out of this one, I pinched my back today

Will advise

Yea I’m out for tommorow soz