Head in the Clouds...

My latest build…

Will be doing some hand painting work on this one, plus some hand anodized parts like the stem and hubs,
There will be a bit of a sky/clouds theme, hopefully will turn out like I’m envisaging in my head

Did I see this frame out at the sand blasters a couple of weeks ago?

Nope! I sanded the bastard down by hand yesterday (next time I’m just getting it blasted, took my all day to do a neat job of it)

Crazy! Just painted my latest build the same colour, everything else will be silver and White, my girl has already named it “cloud bear” for some reason so of course I’ll be stencilling on a custom head badge with that moniker as reward for her listening to me talk her ear off about something I know she’s not particuarly interested in. I did also make her a bike :slight_smile:

That is crazy, like the idea of the head badge too

This is what the bike looks like today:

Still need to paint more clouds, and want to do some lettering on the top tube

nicey nice

Looks sweet mate!
How long 'til we see it round town??

Won’t be for another 4 weeks or so, have to wait till then to do some anodizing.
I’m thinking of selling this machine to fund more builds :smiley:

Cute bike :wink:

what did you use to make the clouds?

they are just hand painted with a fine brush, it’s a bitch but worth it

When you get bored with it you can turn them into sheep. :smiley:

How much for the frame after it’s been painted but not built up?
I’d be intersted :slight_smile:

pm sent :smiley:

How’s it coming along dude? Or has the Pursuit taken over? :wink:

Na man, have to do something while I wait for my new wheel to arrive! (not that I ever really don’t have something bike related to work on)

I just finished painting some lettering on this bike, Almost finished a whole side! (only taken me about 48 hours and a whole lot of beers

I know the paint thing has been discussed in other threads but I’m curious as to the paint you’ve used. I am about to paint two frames and can’t decide if I will rattle can it or use the spray-guns (which requires renting a compressor).

is it rattle can or something else? what will you use for the clear coat?

Nice one! Make sure you keep the pics coming!

Either way it is going to turn to shit unless you take the time to properly prep the frame, use a good quality paint, then throw layers of clear on it.

Yeah, I spend a whole fucking day prepping this frame + a few thin coats of primer (sanding in between)
I’m using Ironlak paints + Ironlak clearcoat

But I have a compressor and am looking into getting some Imron or something similar