Headset Question!!

I got a Europa track frame. It doesnt have a headset pressed into it. I got an undrilled chrome fork with it but would prefer not to use it and save it for another build…

QUESTION: Can i put a threadless headset into the frame?? Will it fit (is there like a universal size)?? If i can do that i am guessing i can run a threadless steerer with a modern track of road stem??

Cheers :smiley:

No reason why not, unless there’s something very weird about your head tube.

1" threadless headsets still exist, your head tube is probably for 1" but check the I.D. of the head tube to be sure - if it looks as near as dammit to 30mm (or about 1 3/16") internal diameter it’s for 1". 1" threadless stems might be a bit hard to find, but shims for 1 1/8" stems aren’t.

Any special reason why you don’t want to use a threaded steerer/headset (I’m guessing you have a fork with an unthreaded steerer that you want to use)? threaded steerers with quill stems look more “right” in 1 inch.

Your other alternative if there’s a stem you especially want to use is a threaded steerer/headset combo with a quill adapter - functional but generally reviled here because it’s not pretty (although even Nitto make them :-D).

slightly off message, and maybe way off the mark, but i heard something about being able to fit a 1 1/8 fork in a 1" headtube by changing the size of the bearings? is that possible?

unlikely, the ID of the headset cups will be narrower than 1 1/8. (cup flanges will be 1 3/16" OD, and about 1/16" thick, leaving at best 1 1/16" ID to fit through)

Cheers Capt. Commuter! My i got a threaded chrome undrilled track fork to use, but sussing out my options with getting a nice bladed track fork and packing the chrome one away for now!Oh and I have seen those quill adaptors on many occassions.

Cheers, D

yeah thanks CptCom.
you know what they say, you can find a positive answer to anything you want on the internet, even the impossible

For the love of all that is old school and track, don’t do it man :smiley:
1’ threaded all the way otherwise it’s just going to look funny. It’s too much of a nice frame not to.

There is more than one type of 1" headset. One uses 30.0 mm cups, the other 30.2 mm. The standard crown races are 27.0 mm and 26.4 mm. 1" BMX headsets are different again but not applicable here.