Headset Removal

Hey guys and girls,
Does anyone have any tricks for removing the headset cups from the frame? I tried sticking a screwdriver down there and bashing it with a hammer but it didn’t budge.

Any tips would be much appreciated.

Get a headset remover tool,
or what I use is an old straigt handlebar, it has more surface contacting the headset cup than a screwdriver

hey good idea!! i think i have an old straight bar at home!

will go give that a bash.

Cheers Brakefree

I use to use to use a screwdriver, then I got sick of that and made something similar to this:

Just get a length of 1" OD copper tube and cut a 4" slot in one end of it, you can make a second cut 90deg to the first if you feel like it. Then use a long screwdriver or something similar to bend/lever the prongs out. Works like a charm.

Also great! if i find some tubing around i’ll definately be fixing up something like that! where is the nearest house being renovated i wonder…

if using a screw driver, try find a bigger one. Dont just hit one area, slowly work your way around. Bit of wd before would help too.

Also works with white PVC but doesn’t wear very well :evil:

I’ve made one out of an old handlebar with a slot cut in the end and prised open. Prise it until it’s just slightly wider than the ID of the cups to make it snug.

Thanks everyone! I had gotten stuck after the screwdriver didn’t work so this has helped a lot. i jammed a straight bar i had laying around down the tube and pop out it came.
next time i come across some old tubing i’ll make something a bit more specialised for it, may want the straight bar for something down the track hey.

Anyway cheers again!