headset tightness

my headset wont stay tight.
if i put the spanner on it and tighten it up. then the steerer becomes to stiff.
but if i dont tighten it enough it will just gradually become looser and start rattling around.
what to do.
is it my headset.
or how it is put in.

Buy a new bike.

Threaded fork I assume? often you need to lock the two nuts together pretty tight for it to stay in place, sometimes a bit tighter than you normally would. Haven’t experienced a chronic loose headset before though…

that happened to me on one of my bikes: took ages to work out, but the top nut was split and would work it’s way off. only way i noticed it was when the nut split in half while tightening…

Just curious…
Are you using two spanners?

One to hold the bottom one in place and the other to tighten and lock the two nuts together?

Sheldon Brown? Hell just google tighten headset.

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would it be wrong to suggest locktite. its holds everything tight.


Go to a bike shop and say…

“can you please tighten my headset with the approriate spanners”.

It’s a five minute job.