Hi I am currently running with a threadless stem And have no idea what headset I am using. I am buying a quill stem and am wondering if I need a new headset which will fit the quill type stem.
Ta Steve

Correct me if I’m wrong but I think you’ll need new threaded forks and headset. Unless you already have threaded forks with an adapter for a threadless stem.

Its not possible to run a quil stem (wedge/expander bolt) on a threadless stem is it?

Okay I’m not exactly sure what that means. Sorta new
to fixies.
Extra info + rephrase: I have a stock kona paddywagon so if I buy a quill stem will I be able to use it? If not what would I need to change/buy. Thanks.

I don’t think it will work with a quill stem. I’m pretty sure the sizes will be different for one thing, but without some kind of adapter (the existence of which i’m not sure of), there won’t be anything keeping the forks in place (which is what the stem on a threadless system does, on a threaded system, there are rings which screw onto the threads on the steerer tube, keeping it in place).

okay thanks for that. What addtional items do
I need to purchase for a quill stem to work. Thanks.

new fork(or get yours threaded), and a new headset.

new forks and headset

Thanks so much for the help guys. Very much appreciated.

Are Kona’s 1’’ or 1’’ 1/8. You cant just get a new fork and hope for the best. If its 1’’ 1/8 then you can’t install a quill stem. Check the KONA website for specs dude.

Only because of your honest self appraisal am I asking this, but why do you want to downgrade to a quill stem?

hey dude thanks for the information. However on the website I don’t think there is anything referIng to that. ( to be honest not 100% sure what I’m looking for) do you mind having a look at it for me? Thanks. If not is there a way I can measure it?

In response to the “downgrading” comment: I believe that the view on aesthetics
is very subjective, thus in my opinion my current stem looks fat and bulkly. Therefore, I want to change to a quill stem to achieve a cleaner, simpler sleeker look. As I said before I believe it is all subjective from a aesthetic view. As you know I’m not 100% about bikes and the advantAges + disadvantages of different parts, stems in particular. If possible please express the reasons as to why see this as a downgrade

quill stems (1 inch) flex more (especially if your a bigger rider) and can cause bulging in the frame if its left to its own devices for too long.
threadless ( the bulky one) stems don’t flex as much and are easier to swap if you aren’t happy with the length.
Aesthetically quill stems can be nicer, but there are heaps of nice ones in the threadless category
Basically, i think, function over aesthetic in this case. Threadless systems are just simpler and better.
I’m sure lot’s of people disagree though.

Mate a 1 inch threaded headset will be too small to fit into a frame designed for a 1 1/8 threadless setup. The seat machined into the frame headtube for the bearing cup is a different size.

I had a look on the website but it doesn’t say what the relevant sizes are. Measure the inside diameter of your fork, it needs to be 22.2mm for a quill stem. Then you’ll need a 1" threaded fork and a 1" threaded headset.

As Heavy Metal Cyclist said, I meant downgrade only in terms of performance/practicality.

Check the dimensions of your existing headset before you go any further. Quill headsets can be 1", 1 1/8" or 1 1/4" (plus a few oddities). Stems other than 1" aren’t that elegant. Threadless are mostly 1 1/8", though there are some 1" kicking around and lots of weirdies.

Take your bike to someone who knows about them and they’ll be able to tell you what can work. Your descriptions are pretty thin, photos would help.