Just stepping into the world of threaded, sticking to japanse preferably but if something else is way better i’ll go for that, so far i’m looking at a hatta swan super deluxe or dura ace, which would you suggest?

Thanks for any info.

I’ve got a Hatta Swan and am pretty happy with it. It seems to keep a lot of the water out (given that it uses non-sealed bearings) and I have ridden through some pretty epic storms with it. Check out the velo-orange headsets as well, they look pretty nice for the price. Just make sure you get your fork race size right before purchasing!

oh crap this is going to be more effort getting this bike done than i’d imagined i think :oops:

as far as i know 1" threaded forks generally have two sizes when it comes to the crown race, either 27.1mm for J.I.S. or 26.4mm for ISO, just measure which you have with a vernier caliper and order the right size.
you can clearly also mill down the larger sized crown race to fit a smaller headset race

Thanks dude, it’s currently got a shimano one on there so that’s JIS right?

Ah it isn’t that simple, Shimano makes headsets to fit with both JIS and ISO crown race sizes. The only real way to tell is with the vernier calipers. Or find a headset crown race (perhaps buy an el cheapo one) that you know is the larger size and test it.

If you want to borrow some verniers i’m pretty sure i’ve got some.

Pretty sure? The day you take such a lax attitude your knowledge of your bikes, that Basso is mine!

got the callipers, and it looks like it’s 27.0 so i’m assuming i was retarded when measuring it and it’s 27.1 which according to sheldon is JIS? good news for the hatta swan then! thanks guys

which one? :mrgreen:

damn your matching bikes!