Hatta Swan Super Deluxe or Shimano Dura Ace, not for me but my girls new steed.

Similarly priced but are they any different really?


Much of a muchness I reckon

Chris King threaded?

Yeah thought of CK but doing a bulk buy from one store to try and save on shipping and having everything arrive at once.
Plus CK = lots of colour choices which is not great for the boyfriend of a female gemini

Velo Orange. Looks nice, way cheap, works just as good :stuck_out_tongue:

… take her out to dinner with the money saved :cool:

p.s. I had to edit this as Mrs. Spirito said I was being sexist

Good suggestion. These guys have some great stuff for sale. How is the postage cost?

With anything from O/seas you gotta bundle up with other small things you need to make it worthwhile and they’ve always delivered with no hassle for me.

Ended up getting the Dura Ace. Cheers