headtube movment

hi forumheads, hi have a new GT frame with a 50mm headtube and i am throwing all the gear i had on a mongoose frame , which has a 40mm head tube.There is movement in the stem of coarse so. Is it a matter of getting different bearing size or new headset etc. I need your advice guys, thanks

I dont understand, any chance of a photo of each?
Is one 1" the other 1 1/8"

sorry mate, camera down, the gt,s headtube diameter is 10mm wider than the mongoose. so is it that all i need is headtube reducers?

New gt mtb are tapered headset 1 1/8" - 1 1/2"

Yeah it’s all a bit vague,
Are you using the same fork, same headset but different frames?
Is it a threaded, threadless ?

ok, thanks rowanD, looks like the mongoose wasn,t tapered so what is my next move?

yeah thats right dayne, just a straight frame swap, threadless

Yeah if it’s a new frame chances are its tapered so as far as I know you’ll need a new fork

Actually it dosnt sound right,
Link up a photo of each frame if you can,

Tapered headset with a crown reducer to fit like this

you da man rowanD. thought it might be a bit of hardware like that, cheers

Does the bottom hole on the head stem look bigger than the top?

seems to be the same, 41mm id

sounds like it could be 1.5". you can get headsets that fit in 1.5" to suit 1 1/8" forks (or you could look at a new fork).
i’m guessing this is an all mountain/DH frame?

DH frame, sorry mate, whats that

Gt lists the headset that is stock in the frame on their website , maybe check what your frame takes and work
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