Healing and JJ sPECIAL

Hi all,
Thought I had better get some pics organised and had to resort to the flickr as once again couldnt get this picture upload thing to work, sorry!

Picked it up for $20 (the bloke I bought it from wanted to just give it away) it was red and rough) had some sugino track cranks, and kaga rims laced to sunshine hubs which are now on the healing.
Restored by frank kovacs collectablecycles.comJJ SPECIAL (JJ STEWART) had a shop in fawkner in melbourne 70’s and 80’s?
Any way built it up with campy pista cranks, ring, peds, bb, h/set, Cinelli chrome pista pars iscaselle saddle. Dura ace hubs laced to super champion rims with conti la singles. Unfortunately it has a road fork that doesnt quite fit the period but that will come.

picked it up at shepparton tip for $5 also pretty rough and restored again by frank.
just a club racer but has great key hole lugs.
BSA crank, lyotard peds, b-17 narrow, chrome cinelli stem, random bars, saddle bag a nice gift from JP (thanks bro)

Anyway here is the link.


Excellent - more nice, old ponies!

(How did this pair manage to slip through without me seeing them?)

You say that they were restored by Collectable Cycles - what work did they do? Is the paint original, but cleaned, or is it repainted (with all logos repainted)?

And here’s the pics linked:


JJ Special

So, how many bikes does that make now Steve? …in W.A… :wink:

Glad you like em MJ,
Frank from collectable cycles painted them fot me and also handpainted the text.
He also put a new headset and some BSA cranks in the healing.
I think these are a good example of finding someone elses rubbish and giving it a new lease of life.
The Healing made the trek west along with my KYPO roadie.