Healing Bike

Am wondering if this was a steal?


Don’t know much about Healing, but think this bike was in pretty good cond etc, just was ‘firmly’ told not to buy another bike so let it go - good choice?

i would say let it go, the geometry is way off and that is running 27" wheels. The paint is great for its age and i guess the collectors or someone from Europe would pay top dollar for it as they love anything Australian built. We sold an actual Healing track frame to someone in Switzerland for top dollar, i would say its junk but they love them over there.

From my research I think some of the info on the listing was wrong. Healing (as in the original Richmond brand) only made bikes until 1959 after which they sold the bicycle production to English company, General Accessories Pty Ltd. I think a few other transfers may have taken place after that as at some stage the Healing name ended up in New Zealand (you find a few 80-90s steel Healings popping up now and then)

The bike listed was one of the newer models, and I’ve seen nicer examples come up from time to time. You often see a lot of step-through models come up on ebay, maybe because there are more in existence, or people don’t treasure them as much as the men’s style?

I like hearing about them being collectors items though :sunglasses: but doubt that I’d part with mine easily once it is built up and running.

Just to offer a better perspetive … Not every Malvern Star is a winner either.

Like many Aussie brands at the time Healing made some top class bikes (few of which remain) and many more ordinary every day beaters which were the bread and butter of their bicycle manufacturing business.

They had quite a following and for a time Russell Mockridge rode on Healing’s which in part may explain why the strong interest from here and overseas. I am not sure who the builder/s were of if they outsourced for their top tier frames but the few Healings I have held in my hands were quite tasty and nicely made.

The one just finished on ebay looks to be genuine but a more of a middle of the road “clubman” (low end racer) style bike so not a real loss if you missed out. It was nice that it was with original finish but the parts (which also look to be original) are kinda low end. No loss :wink:

Good analogy with the Malvern Star spirito. Nice looking frame as well, I’ve seen that one before. My Healing is currently getting repainted in deep green with cream panel work and gold pinned lugs. Should look tasty when it’s finished I hope!

Nice looking ride !!! Post pics when it’s done :wink:

Do you have parts for that era?

Yes, I sold the beige one earlier this year. I liked it a lot but a very special frame came into the mix and I’m silly enough to keep a lid on the amount of bikes I own, especially when it comes to duplicates or similar style/era bikes.

Thanks Spirito, I think I saw your one on ebay, was so tempted at the time! I can’t wait til this one is finished though, although it will be sad as it’s a fun project. Yeah I have pretty much everything I need, a lot needs re-plating (but will wait until I get the frame back to make sure it goes together ok). I have stuck to period components as much as possible:

  • One of the inch pitch cogs (I have 3 in total + 2 chainrings and 2 chains):

  • The Airlite hubs (laced now to Fiamme reds):

I’ve got a set of Cinelli 14s in bad condition so hoping that they can be restored ok, plus a matching stem. Williams cranks, Phillips pedals, Brooks saddle (ridden through the 50s by a good trackie of that era who came second in the '56 Austral).

It’s cool you’ve got all the parts. Some of it can be quite expensive to piece together. The correct block chains for the inch pitch are worth gold. :wink:

If you have stuff plated and have good results let us know.

It’d be nice if there a vintage/restoration forum here for reference.