Heath Kirchart riding from California to NYC?

Yeah, I didn’t believe it either, but he is…

We’re Really Doing It

EDIT: Apparently he’s retired from skateboarding.

Man, I’m so out of the loop.

Such a stylish skater… so good.

Klein/Kirchart section in ‘The End’ is one of the best ever.

yes, yes it is.

the end was one of my favourites for a very long time. it still is i suppose! i can’t imagine how many times i’ve seen that video

once a skater always a skater…

and not a bike rider, hence they have abondened the trip…
Let’s face it, we were never cyclists

They faked quitting it…

Let’s face it, everyone is a cyclist

First off, thanks to everyone who comes to the blog and reads the shit I have to say about our bicycle extravaganza. Second, there is no fucking way we’re quitting!! Unless one if us gets hit by a car, falls deathly ill, or we get snowed in until spring, we are DOING IT!

Awesome. I like Heath Kirchart even more now.

^^fuck yes!! haha, that is awesome!
It did seem a bit abrupt, no posts complaining on and on, and they were updating pretty reguarly…

My video copy of the end is almost completely worn out. Its nearly not watchable anymore. It is amazing.
By the way, I like this blog. This and Prawza’s blog about riding Perth to Brisbane are really inspiring. Makes me want to put together a decent touring bike fuck off from my job for a while.

The End
YouTube - Heath Kirchart & Jeremy Klein - Birdhouse The End '98
Sight Unseen
YouTube - Heath Kirchart part from Sight Unseen
This Is Skateboarding
YouTube - Heath Kirchart - This is skateboarding - Emerica
Mind Field (with no sound)
YouTube - HK Mind Field.

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look, this guy was / probably still is an awesome skater. but, uh, lots of people ride across america. in fact, there’s even a race by that name! so you’ll understand why my reaction to this is, once again, “meh”.

Now if he skated across America…

it’s been done before (mainly for charity). i remember seeing a shot of one of the guys who did it’s ‘pushing’ leg. kinda scary (and he said he did push mongo to balance it out.)

Who cares about these other jokers that have ridden across America though. THIS IS HEATH KIRCHART!!!

+1… i largely doubt he is doing this for the glory and fame, based on the way he has approached his skateboarding in the past while. i suspect its more for the information of his friends.