Hell on Wheels: Tom had a pretty major stack yesterday.

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He’s not in a good way. Description of his injuries at the above facebook page.

Can anyone think of anything we can do for him to help out? I’m keen to chip in cash to get him something, or anything really. Can’t think of a more generous and kind-hearted guy, I know he’s helped a few of us out on many occasion…

Get better soon Tom.

I dont know him much, but I have ridden with him and Tom is a gteat bloke. All I could think of was maybe we chip in to get him a new helmet. Or start a burrito tab for him. 20 free burritos?

Oh shit … get well Tom. Happy to help out

that’s horrible. poor tom. I’m happy to chip in as well.

Jezuz!!! I was supposed to go riding with him there yesterday morning before work but was too sick!

That ain’t cool at all! I 2nd the burrito’s tab! Cant really think of anything he would need other than his family and mates.

Happy to chip in too, I live just round the corner and am constantly ducking in there to get bits and pieces, champ of a bloke, and an awesome rider.

Glad to hear he’s not in too bad of a state, but horrible nevertheless.

Yeah I reckon Burritos would greatly speed up his recovery. good idea.

Or some colouring books. This made me really sad this morning. Fortunately tom is not too cool to wear a helmet.

can only imagine how bad that would’ve been sans-helmet.

time for me to start wearing mine again… and possibly time to buy a decent one.

I think buying him a new one might be a good idea too? he used a red protec before yeh?

All the best Tom, feeling your pain.

Wear a helmet folks, it seriously saved my life last week and it just saved toms. Hope for a speedy recovery for you

Yeah, too many of my friends wouldn’t be with us today if they were sans-helmet. They do work!

He was wearing a Red Protec, but he’s been wearing this one lately. lol

If only he was wearing the goggles at the time

… my eyes … the goggles do nothing!

“The peak hour traffic made it nearly an hour to get to RPA, and all he complained of was a headache”

that there is one hard man. one hairy, funny-looking, hard-ass man.

very glad he’s still alive.

couldn’t agree more Alex.

I hate hearing about this. Best wishes Tom, have a speedy recovery.

Helmets are cool.

fuck just reading this made me a bit upset, man I’m glad he’s alive. burrito tab is a fab idea!

Sending out some positive vibes to Tom. I’ve been working with him for a few years now and i was shattered to hear about this.

latest update from Hell on Wheels:
An update on Big Tommy! He has fractured his eye socket in 2 places, cheekbone and skull, and then to top it off X-rays found a cracked T6 vertebrae! Amazingly it looks like most, if not all of the fractures will heal with time and rest and no surgeries. Tom was walking around eating yogo, not what you expect from someone with a broken spine and skull. So if all goes well today Tom could be back home tomorrow!

Ace, ace news.

That is really good news.