Hello (dirt) World!

Post all non-sealed road related stuff here.

Think of it as cyclocross.org.au

sweet, more bike stuff!
is this purely CX and light mtb or are we allowed to talk about the dark side as well (downhill)?

hey blakenator, when you’re out of your meeting, you reckon you could move the ‘post your cx bike’ thread over here?

Let there be dirt!!

Consider it done.

Whoah now, I started building a bodgy cx bike last night… I quite possibly SUBCONCIOUSLY inspired this thread.

Why don’t you start cyclocross.org.au? …or rename fixed.org.au :stuck_out_tongue:

ha ha. CX, MTB, trick, road, even bmx threads.
'cumbent/P-Far thread soon plz?

Just wait dude, I’ll start building ridiculous bikes and have threads for all of those different kinds.
Money permitting of course.

Or triathlon.org.au in Blakey’s case.

lucky they make snorkels with bidon mounts now

Good move. Dirt is awesome.

this seems so perfect for in here

Hipsters discussing Cyclocross

When are there any CX races in Sydney?


(well, wollongong…)

Slept on that one hey, wouldnt have been able to make it anyways

the organisers are apparently in discussions with some sydney riders about organising a couple of races up there.

i’d contact ICC, mention you are interested and they will probably let you know when they (or someone else) puts something on.