hello to the other 2 members!!

hello fellow ozzie fixers, where u located!!

hello!! Make that 4 users :smiley:


im not a fixed user/abuser yet but will be by next year. Anybody got any pics of their rides?

hey all.

i’m from melbourne…

My fixie is the one on the frontpage of fixed.org.au … a few more pics here: http://www.nothingbutnoise.org/photos/?path=Bike

It’s hanging in a gallery at the moment till the 4th of December in the VCA Art School… If you’re from melbourne and want to check it out.

I also have this beautiful old Mastersports frame built in Coburg… From the 50’s i think. Not sure what I’m going to do with it as yet:


I have a Pennini frame (british) from the 70’s too. Not sure what i’m going to do with that either…


Looks like I’m number 7 then :slight_smile:

Hey Primz, I think I’ve seen you around. I’m in Carlton.

You ever ride at the Brunswick velodrome?

Anyway, these are mine:

This one was mine, until I sold it to a friend.

To be honest, I’m not sure there would be enough interest to keep another fixie forum going, but here’s good luck to you. I’ve been fixed for a bit overa year now and there’s no way I’m going back :slight_smile:

Guess I should’ve logged in before posting eh :slight_smile:


yeah, i’ve been to the brunswick velodrome a few times. i’ve ridden a few times at the darebin international sports centre too.

your tommasini is very nice. not sure what to say about the p1… interesting though. its funny, i remember seeing that bike on fgg last year, and thinking ‘what a freak!’ … and here you are. :wink:

sure there are a few fixed forums. i won’t deny that. can’t say i know of any australian-only ones. i figure if bicycles outstripped car sales for 2004, and the ever-increasing number of fixies on the streets keep rising, just maybe there is room for one more. if farkin.net exists for aussie mtb’ers, i dont see why the fixers can’t have one too.

anyway, if it fails it fails. one can only try. hope you come back!

nick. (#2)

Hey I’m all for an aus fixed forum so let’s hope it kicks off. I’ve already got to know one guy through the fgg forum and now we ride every week pretty much. We’ve all gotta try to spread the fixce love.

The P1 was my first and the drop bars just happened to be sitting in the cupboard and I thought why not :slight_smile: I’ve got a hopeless addiction to swapping bars and stems. Anyway, I sold the P1 to a mate and it’s happily living as a singlespeed with a suspension fork now.

THe Tommasini is my daily rider so if you spot me come and say hello. Although, I’ve just upped it to 83 gear inches so you’ll have to catch me first :wink:

BTW, I’m nursing some wounds after crashing at Brunswick track on Saturday. Sounds obvious I know, but painted surfaces are slippery in the wet :slight_smile:


Yeah, I can imagine Brunswick being killer when wet… It’d be like a road entirely painted with line-paint.

I’ve been thinking it would be a bit of a laugh to organise a ‘street-fixies on velodrome day’ some weekend, at Brunswick.

I’ll certainly stop and say hi if I see you. Although, you can afford to be going that fast with swift braking ability … I might catch up … and just run right into you (accidently)


Do you mind if I replicate your photos in the gallery here? Cheers,

Nick #2

No, go for it. Hopefully my latest project will be on the road in a few weeks too.

Hi, I’m a complete n00b to the fixed world, about a week from finishing my first bicycle. I’m located in Surfers Paradise and occasionally in Carlton North. Are there any other fix types located in Qld?

A melbourne bloke who has a fixed just for a courier alleycats/pub nights…(not a courier, but try and lead the lifestyle).

And (hanging head) use it for training…rock on…would love to get some stickers…as stated on e-bay of all places.

You’re not this Rhino are you? - Website Disabled

Dan’s told me about you :slight_smile:

Rhino, do you work at the bike store in clifton hill?

Do you know Gonz?


evenen all,

i’m based in adelaide, built up a fixie from hard rubbish 27" 10 speed :smiley: spent a grand total of 50$ on two toobs, one 19 tooth 1/8" cog and a 1/8" chain. stripped the rest of the junk off, swapped the drops for a flatbar, been commuting on it for a coupla months now. will get some photos together when i hack the digicam into a functioning state.



Yep, I am that Rhino…and I do know the Gonz, but he is now working at Strictly BMX. I am spreading the word of this site, and will get photos of the bike tonight

Morning all,

That idea of a street-fix velodrome day sounds kinda fun just so long as it doesn’t rain and I don’t have 853 riding in front of me again :wink:

Rhino: did you ride that Melbourne cup alleycat?

I didn’t race the ‘Melbourne Cup’ alleycat as I was out of the country, but did race the with Grand Final Guantlet with some huge success. Andy White taught me a huge lesson in that race, I stuck to his wheel and was blown away by his skills. It was just a huge amount of luck that I can drink beer faster than him…

Well technically you hit me, so you might get an infringement notice for failing to give way :wink:

+1. any more comments on the ‘red light’ topic will be deleted.