I’m (very) new fixed rider from Adelaide. Manged to pick up an old unknown road bike thats been converted for $100 after riding a SS for a while. Pretty hooked on it now, I love the simplicty (especially coming from a skateboarding background). I’ll be looking to build up a new fixed very soon.

Pleased to meet all of you.


And you. Are you related in any way to the Dutch musician JXL?

No, no relation. JKL is my initials…

Oh, here’s my bike.

Very new to the fixed game, hence not removing the brakes, although I haven’t really used them. Just replaced the tyres. It’s damn hard to get 27" x1" tyres with black walls, so I’m settling for gum at the moment.

omg it’s Man Purple!

Man purple?

Brakeless isn’t something you need to aspire to.

I just came across this in the FOR SALE section…

I get the man purple comment now.


The rear brake will be going though.


Hi back at you