Helmet? Discuss...

Had a bit of a discussion today about helmet use and walked away less confident about their mandatory use than before. Chuck in your 0.02, what do you think about:

1: do helmets do anything useful?
2: does mandatory helmet use solve or create problems?
3: how do you feel about helmets?

I was in primary school when the Stackhat arrived - I learnt to ride wearing one and have never though any differently; on a bike? wear a helmet. And from personal experience, in a crash situation, a helmet certainly can reduce damage to the head… but should it be law? Does making it a law have adverse consequences?

Of course wearing your helmet on the handlebars makes no sense haha.

My 0.02c:

  1. Possibly, but they don’t provide as much protection as some would like to think.
  2. Both
  3. Helmets should either be mandatory for all road users, or none.

If they were that crucial, why aren’t motorists required to wear helmets, especially since head injuries are very common in motor vehicle crashes?

Here’s a mostly negative view of helmet use:


Helmets - good. (Saved my head many a time when boozing)
If you don’t want to wear a helmet, sign a waiver absolving the TAC and Government of responsibility for your retard ass when you have a fucking acquired BRAIN INJURY. Then allow me to laugh at you when talk like a mongoloid.

You guys are having a helmet debate, when some of you ride brakeless? I can’t wait until someone roles out the “it’s my personal right” argument, get fucked, in the immortal words of Homer Simpson “if you don’t like it, go to Russia”, wear a fucking helmet.

So you wear a helmet when you drive a car too? Or do you sign a waiver absolving the TAC, blah blah blah?

If you did sign a waiver, is a big X ok?

Oh don’t start picking holes in my argument (ranting is all I have in my sad pathetic life), I thought I was on a roll. I would love to see people wearing helmets in cars, but side curtain airbags will put the helmet idea away.

re signature: a love heart looks better.

[my 2 cents]
I agree with Craig on this one.

Like ndf I’ve had personal experience in testing helmets real life functionality.

A long time ago I got hit by a car on my bike (I was only 10 at the time), and suffered a broken collar bone and a serious knock to the head. I ended up having 45 stitches above my right eye from a pressure split caused by the helmet compressing against my head. If I was not wearing it there is no doubt that I wouldn’t be here right now.

(mine was a Guardian, not a stackhat)

[/my 2 cents]

[random funnyness]

fucking acquired BRAIN INJURY

That’s some serious fucking.
[/random funnyness]

Oh, and snowflake… a car is not the same as a bike, but a motorbike is.

HAHAHAH :smiley: :smiley: :-D, now that i read it that way. Looks like wearing a helmet while fucking is needed. :smiley:

Car crashes also often result in severe head injuries, but the reality is that a government that mandated helmets for car occupants wouldn’t be voted in.

Mandatory helmet laws have little to do with safety.

I’m not saying helmets are never effective. I’m saying that I’m pro-choice and we already live in an over-regulated society.

FWIW, even if they weren’t mandatory I’d wear a helmet while riding, most of the time. But there are occasions when I’d prefer not to, but the threat of a fine is the only thing stopping me.

Anyway, this subject has been done to death for years and this thread may not survive too long before it’s locked or deleted.


Helmets should be mandatory and I personally reckon you’re an idiot not to wear one!

My main sport is ice hockey and I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve seen guys knocked out by their head hitting the ice or the rink boards… and that’s while they’re wearing a helmet. Hockey helmet tehnology has progressed to new, light weight plastics and gel pads etc which is probably where bike helmets will go next.

The road and car bodies are hard, like ice, and a helmet is the only thing that will protect you. It’s not so much that you’ll either crack your skull, or end up with brain damage, but the problems associated with concussion has ended many a pros career.

I grew up not having to wear a helmet on a bike, but I feel much safer when it’s on!

And another thing… :slight_smile:

Mandatory helmet laws tend to persuade people that cycling is a very dangerous activity (which I disagree with), which only marginalises cyclists further.

Once again, I have to ask, how many of you helmet zealots wear a helmet in the car?

Making helmets law, was orginally mandated so there was better access for people to insurance when involved in accidents. If you have a “personal choice” caveat on this particular legislation you open yourself up to higher insurance premiums and an “American” style of litigation. Wearing a helmet in a car is a good idea in theory, but it would never fly in the public when you have tech. such as airbags and stuff. There is no legal definition of “personal choice” and “common sense”, so just because you have periods of not wanting to wear a helmet doesn’t make it the same in everybodies thinking. Helmets are there to protect the “muppet” element of society (which i have been a part of from time to time).

So blame the muppets, knob-heads, fuck-tards and the communist pinko’s for the helmet law.


I wear a helmet in a car.

When its 85 years old, doesn’t have a seatbelt, the only brake that works is the handbrake, and it still goes 140 miles an hour.

And looks like this http://www.pbase.com/redmorgan/image/18921958

In a modern car, I trust the airbags, seatbelt and the ABS brakes.

Nuff Said.

i’ve recently got back from 4 months of living in the netherlands. in that time, riding a coaster brake bike in a busy city, the only accident i had was the result of a drunken skid on a late rainy night out. the accident was minor, and i didn’t get injured. i think in the majority of crashes involving only a cyclist, on road, head injuries are not likely to result. i would say that that helmets have the most benefit, when you are hit by, or hit a car. hopefully, in the future, with a greater awareness of cyclists by motorists (and less idiot car drivers), the goverment could one day remove the law, like most other countries in the world.

I’ve been wearing them by choice since well before they were mandatory and I’ve had a few incidents when the helmet has surely saved my scone. Anyone can fuck up, any time, any where and a helmet won’t always help but it sure as shit won’t hurt. They should be mandatory, and they all should be fuckin’ dayglo yellow.

In the words of Craig C “wear a fucking helmet”.

yep they should be manatory for the sake of the kids.
if not redneck and meathead parents would tell their kids not to wear them. kids arent old enough to know better.