helmet recommendations

hey guys after a new helmet, got a protec but thinking more for road bikes… any ideas nothing too expensive but yeah what are the best ones to get these days?




Shop around, try a few, be flexible about looks, brand & budget, buy the one that best fits your head.

I’ve been using a catlike kompact pro for a while now, lots of others here do as well…do a search

whatever you do, don’t be a piece of shit and go shopping around at your lbs’s, trying on all manner of styles/sizes etc and then go home and purchase one online.

and use the search function, this has been discussed about 20 times during my short tenure on this forum

yeh, go a little further to your not so local bike store, or preferably one you hate or have had bad experiences with =P

good point, they’re easier to find :stuck_out_tongue: