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Perhaps (read: definitely) I’m stoopid, but have Wiggle stopped selling helmets?

Helmets | Wiggle

oh wao
Might get one.

I’d say you are spot on, I did a search of major helmet brands = no helmets.
Not meeting each countries standards/ canceling out risk of being sued for supplying non complying helmets perhaps?

wonder if the other UK sellers are following suit, ie ribble, pbk, crc, evans etc.

a little birdy from that part of the world informed me that it is a combination of at least one distributor requesting protection, and the huge volume of queries from australian MAMILs asking about the stickers… and then most of them not buying anything. ie, easier to just not send helmets here any more, and fair enough.

Just fyi, you no longer need to have an aus standard to ride on the track- ie casco are legal for track.
reason closed off road circuit , not under australian federal road laws…this being said i wonder if anyone is supplying casco helmets to here anymore???
I want one- can’t see my tears behind those mirrored lenses :slight_smile:

So just get a Catlike copy from DealExtreme for under $30.

EDIT: Ribble and ChainReaction still have theirs up. It’s probably all those BV Forum, mamils and commuters worried they’ll do jail time without a proper sticker.

I just changed my shipping location from Australia to other countries and they showed up in the search. Probably like alex643835 said with regards to Aus standard stickers.

Fuck the sticker and the Australian distributors…

Why are there no helmets?
We are currently revising our Australian product range and helmets have been temporarily removed from our listing. We are working towards offering an updated selection of products as soon as possible.

Wearing an Aust standard helmet provides protection on the road for TAC coverage. Buying an overseas helmet can be a reason for TAC to not pay out or pay less in an accident.

Having said that here’s a great TED talk about why helmets are a crock of shit
TEDxCopenhagen - Mikael Colville-Andersen - Why We Shouldn’t Bike with a Helmet - YouTube

if you have been involved in a bicycle crash (that you survived) involving a CTP claim you will know that the sticker means nothing, all they want to know is that you were wearing ‘a helmet’

even if you dont have a helmet on and you smash your head in you will still have cover from CTP insurance, just at a reduced rate (same with no lights at night, or no seatbelt in your car etc)

the only person to benefit from a bicycle helmet featuring an AS sticker is the australian distributor - fact

Maybe wiggle might ultimately sell helmets with the aus sticker.

Lazer’s for errrbody!

this is twice I’ve agreed with you recently. Stop making sense.

Cool. I bought two helmets from Wiggle a few weeks ago.

I think it’s not the sticker that’s the problem rather the Australian distributors cracking the shits,
I am guessing this will happen to a lot of companies like sidi and other shoe companies.
Mavic are stopping all shipping of gear to aus.

freight forwarders are going to be a huge growth industry in the EU/UK/US in the coming years

Yeah I think so,
It is the Australian governments fault we pay so much in import duties and taxes plus the time wasted in red tape.
I know it is to promote Australian industries and jobs but we can’t make everything.

What’s so hard to reproduce these stickers?

Fwiw … I ripped my old sticker from a crashed helmet on my current helmet. I’d rather a good quality helmet with no sticker than some rubbish with an Oz approved sticker. I’ve seen $25 sticker approved helmets in local bike shops that I wouldn’t let my dog wear.

its not, about 5 years ago i had a place do a quote for 100 of the foil stickers to my design… they didnt care it said australian standard. their quote was about $30 delivered. never needed them though but at the time there was a huge scare around the racing scene because basically nobody had an approved helmet… seems to not be much of an issue these days but at the time it was CA’s hot topic