helmets over hoods.

ok, which one of you maddogs is responsible for this?

Helmets over Hoods

cause it kinda rules.

Is it Gene? I think it’s Gene. But I agree. It’s fucking awesome.

It’s Gene man! Remember he told us he was gonna do it at gym last night? All that content in less than 24h is rad!

Fuck, now I feel like a girly-man for squelching my ride today.

Gene is mean!

fuck, dude! i fucking knew it was gene, i was just trying to drum up some interest.

smooth move, ex-lax.

ahaha, totally missed that.

i knew i should’ve pm’ed you first.

Never assume I have any sense of subtlety.

the nuances of intonation can get lost on the internetz.

should have added a :wink:

I agree it is rad.

not me

now that gene has confirmed that it’s not him, i feel comfortable saying that it’s rad.

All about what we love doing most, when its hardest

the apostrophe is missing from the word ‘its’, that’s textbook gene right there!!


All about what we love doing most, when it’s hardest

looks fine to me…

not me

less believable than shaggy:


wow, that got changed quickly, almost as if somebody went and changed it to cover their tracks…


I rode in the worst rain I have ever rode in today.

Sadly no one was taking photos, so I won’t end up on this sweet blog.

i was gonna say the link to the double helix blog was the only one there for a while…