suggest a good helmet that’s not over 180 bux!

please! :lol:

Tec R5.

Lightweight, plenty of vents and $89.

I have an older Tec helmet. Pretty decent stuff. light(ish), doesn’t look too bad, doesn’t cost too much and comfy (available right down to XS). Haven’t really tested it out (like in a crash) but my philosophy on helmets has always been to wear one but not use it.

Melbourne Bicycle Centre would be the cheapest place to get 'em I believe.

Good luck

thanks guys. looks good.

Last time i bought a helmet i had to get the top-of-the-line (Giro Atmos) because it was the only one that fitted. Sucks to have a big head i guess. It was an excellent helmet though.

Bell Furio, looks just like the more expensive ones, heaps of vents, light as, very adjustable I now have 2. One bought here for about 160 and bought the second in the US for 70.

it may still be possible to get specialized decibels for $160

i have a tec M3 - and i have a big head [lol].
i found the tec to be the best fitting/value helmet at the time.

ive got a Met Veleno, Size medium, Charcoal Grey and Orange with detachable black visor…

4 months old, as new condition…sold the mtb so the visor helmet has to go too, :slight_smile:

check it out here : http://www.met-helmets.com/home.jsp?idrub=5753

yours for $40 (rrp is $220 @ cecil walker )…