I’m looking at getting a new helmet. Spend maybe $150 to $200 - but the less the better as i’m pretty broke. I was looking at the Catlike Kompact. They have them on probikekit for about $150 (add postage). I tried one on today at Der Vers cycles ($199 - on special) and i thought i looked pretty good. Anyone know anything about these - or any other recommendations?


if you like the one you tried on and the difference between the probikekit price with postage and the local is under $30 i reckon you should get from the local bloke.

you’ll get it quicker and you’ll be able to ask questions, etc.
And if you have a problem you can take it back.

personally - I’m a MET fan, but I haven’t tried any others for a while.

Yer the other plus of getting it locally is it has a silver sticker inside, thus making it legal to ride on the roads, and also to race in CA sanctioned events. This sucks shit that CA ban helmets without stickers - seems anti-competitive to me - but that’s the way it is. I just had to buy a crud helmet the other day to race in, even though I have two other nice helmets that I bought overseas.

I’m rocking a Fox Flux at the moment, and i’d highly recommend. Retail is around $180, so a little haggling should see you pick one up around 160. Top helmet for the money, in molding everywhere, so less susceptible to those little knocks and chips. Fits my noggin better than my old giro e2 @twice the $$…

lazers are good too, Dimos hates my pink one! :smiley:

i’ve got a flux as well.
i find it a little deep at the back for the fixie but great on the mountain bike.
which pretty much figgurs since it’s a mountain bike helmet.
great fit tho.

I’m a MET fan as well. Currently rocking a MET Kaos, I think they’re down to about $190 this year. The venting is awesome, with a big vent right at the front that means wicked airflow. I love it. They look pretty sweet as well, especially in matte black.

I find MET helmets fit my head shape really well, which is the main reason I bought one.

I’ve been riding TEC for a few years now. It usually cost under $100, looks OK and is one of the few helmets I’ve used that fit me well.

Helmet protection is all about good fit. Make sure that gets ticked off first before you look at other things like looks, brand or cost. Try as many as you can before buying.


Make sure you get something good or it’s not worth doing. As the saying goes “if you’ve got a $100 head wear a $100 helmet”. Spend the extra if you can.

I love my Specialized 2D. So light I forget I’m wearing it.

True, but I find it so freaking big! I know I have a big head though… :evil:
Darren at the track had this cool looking Laser matte-black helmet. It was really small.

True, but I find it so freaking big!

Mine’s a small so it’s no BIG deal.

Another vote for Lazer! I got a Blade 2 RD from Cecil’s for about $180…great lightwieght helmet, looks pretty good and doesn’t stick off ya noggin too far!!

Thanks everyone. Was able to check out a few helmets at Melbourne roobaix. I think a little more trying on will help the decision process.
Still like the Catlike though…

I’m all in favour in buying shit of the web but I reckon it’s pretty rude to check out stuff at a LBS, especially when staff give your information or you try it on. Services you can’t get from online shops which is the reason their prices are so much lower.

I’m on my second specialized decibel. comfy fit, i gather they’re pretty safe. I thought about getting a 2D but I got the decibel for $100 so it was an easy decision.

i reckon so too.

Yeah we’ve had some douches come in and try to get us to price match some rediculous probikekit or torpedo7 prices,

or they use the ‘oh ive seen this for X amount of dollars on INSERT WEBSITE HERE, what can you do it for?’

its a bit of a kick in the balls, especially if you have spent time with the customer making sure they get what is right for them.

I reckon so too. Which is why i haven’t bought one off the web.
I still get a good feeling when i see a nice bike/component/accessorie etc in a shop and can actually touch and then have someone say, Yeah, isn’t that nice…
So yeah, i’ll be supporting those who support me, don’t worry about that.

where’d you get a decibel for $100

fitzroy cycles
end of last season’s stock. I go riding with those guys a fair bit.