help a visitor out......

i am coming to brisvegas for the first time with family (3 kidies) we have one night where my inlaws will have the kids and i wanna take my lady out… and stay somewhere for the night (like w/ out kids n’ stuff) will be staying in windsor at my bro’ inlaws and will have wheels. dont have crazy coin but would like to spoil her she is my rock and roll best girl.
Also why the fuck does seaworld want to rape me for all i am worth, can not seem to find ‘family’ tickets…any help.

so…to sum up…hotel, bar, i am not twenty i am not twenty five, no hipster shit holes.

if i can borrow bike maybe be up for a ride… i see thursday night happens. will be in gear w/ my holiday spending money. out, Luke.

You could stay at emporium eat mexican down stairs and go to one of the million bars in the Valley and finnish up at freestylers dessert bar.
Or theres the medina in the valley.

Dinner at Enoteca in Woollongabba, really nice precinct in Logan Road, fantastic food and award winning wine list… menu here… recommend the gnocchi 1889 Enoteca
Really nice bar 2 doors down called Canvas… 16B Logan Road, Woolloongabba, QLD 4102
A little bit up there in coin but a really fantastic place.
Probably about a $10-15 cab ride from whichever hotel in the valley/city


There are serviced apartments across the road from there at “Gabba Central”. Just watch that there isn’t a game on that night though as the whole suburb fills up with bogans (that’s not to say it isn’t full of them already, but they are the nice kind like me).

Yeah, enoteca and canvas. Or crosstown which is just across the road. Both are good. Check the menus and go from there 1889 Enoteca and The Crosstown Eating House - brisbane restaurant, best restaurants in brisbane, brisbane dining out, brisbane food, cricket lunch, gabba, woolloongabba, bar, live music, bars brisbane

If you can apreciate good (modern Spanish) food and wine and if you really want to spoil her, Ortiga is the best place that I know for that in Brisbane, not cheap, but worth it.
And I’m a fan of Enoteca too.
If you like Japanese, not too expensive, Sakura is pretty good, interior pretty basic though.
Sakura Japanese Restaurant


Ortiga - Meh…


well just got back…and brisbane was awsome hired bikes w/ family in botanical gardens rode all fukin over the place went to GOMA southbank, went to Gear but as i had the boys w/ didnt get nearly enough time to rumage through $20 t-shirt bin, or talk to erik or just enjoy being in a shop where i felt understood.
Went to Ortiga had tapas and some nice spanish reds and let me tell you all if you havnt been there its worth the trip just to try the spreadable spanish sausage (i kid you not its spreadable) good food and nice staff had persian up the road aswell.
Caught trains (didnt get my 5 deposit back…fukers) saw a film with children got ripped off big time on good friday at spoon cafe for breakfast…burn that place down…24 bucks for bacon and eggs and shit.
So disapointed i didnt get to ride around on a decent bike that city looks like so muv=ch fun to destroy on two wheels. The hills the roads the onw ways and how nice and spread out it all is.
Finally i fukin love queenslanders (the houses) they are clever and charming and lovely i wanted atleast 27 we drove past.
Also walked on Mt Ne-Bo nice place reminds me of the bluemountainds where i live.