HELP!!! BB30 GXP Adapter needed....

I just got back from holiday so I only had a few days to build up my Ridley CX bm for the Gran Fondo this weekend, unfortunately I’ve ran into a major problem. The Giant TCX has a press fit GXP BB, and the Ridley a BB30. Do to my poor planning I am sunk if I can’t find a BB30 GXP adapter set. Does anyone know where I could get a Wheels Manufacturing adapter in MEL? I’ll need a SRAM BB30 BB as well. Worst case I’d even consider a SRAM S900 BB30 CX crankset, but I think that would be cost prohibitive. If you know of these parts locally please let me know.



I would have thought that Fitzroy Revolution or Total Rush would be good places to call seen as they’re Specialized dealers… and Specialized spec SRAM right? Failing that you could give Monza Imports a call. Hope this helps. Have fun at the Dirty Fondo. Wish I was riding it too.

i have some compact bb30 fsa gossamer cranks you can borrow/ buy im not really bothered,all you’ll need is the BB

Wheels Manufacturing make a good adapter kit, your LBS can order them from SCV and if they get it express posted it should be in and fitted on your bike for the weekend.

EDIT - I just noticed your link, yep, the Wheels Manufacturing ones are good. Pretty much the same as the adaptor that came with my Specialized Crux frameset, which I am using GXP cranks with.

Thanks everyone… Fitzroy Rev had a SRAM PF30 to BSA adapter, so all good until I buy a BB30 CX crankset, probably won’t bother until the new external cups shit the bed.

Hi I’m after a bb30 to GXP adaptor at short notice.
Fitz Rev closed.
Who else might stock one?

I sourced one from Bikebug Prahran a month or so ago