Help: Bike route from Geelong to Lorne

I have to go to Lorne for a few days for work and was thinking of riding part of the way. The current plan is to catch the train into Geelong from Melbourne and ride the rest of the way. The distance is no problem for me. But having driven there before, I’m concerned about several blind spots that might be particularly dangerous for cyclists, especially along the Great Ocean Road.

If you’ve ever done a bike trip around this area, I’d appreciate any tips regarding routes and what to look out for.


Take Horseshoe Bend Rd down to Torquay, then just stay on the GOR. It’s really not that dangerous. Like this.

I’ve taken an inland route to lorne by car and it’s probably be worse than the GOR. Really winding on the descent to lorne and unlike the GOR its trees on all sides making it both narrow and dark.

This. There is usually a few cyclist on the GOR so cars are aware you maybe there. The inland route on the other hand is full of massively impatient twats who aren’t interested in the scenery at all and just want to get to lorne asap.

I’m doing this in a couple weeks for schoolies and am worried there will be a shit tonne of P-platers smashing around the GOR ready to plough me in to either
a. a barrier/the ocean
b. the cliff face

Though from what I’ve read here inland doesn’t look much better. I just remember driving on the GOR and having some crazy blindspot corners and how dangerous they could be, is it really not that bad?