Help choosing a touring bike,

Hi guys I am looking for a touring bike / commuter, It would primely be used for commuting around 32km return to work.

I don’t love drop bars as I struggle to ride them for long periods. So I might change the bars to moustache bars. I have a budget of about $1200.00

Since I’m a bit short 169cm 5”7 Im looking at a smaller bike.

I like the look of the Fuji, and its about my price. I have been looking for secondhand on ebay but haven’t found any thing.

The bikes that I am looking at are

Schwinn World Tour DLX

Kona Sutra

Fuji touring

Jamis Auroa

Whats your opinion?

Are you talking heavy full load touring or credit card touring. For full load touring the surly long haul trucker is a great bike and there is the Surly Cross Check for light touring and commutes I can’t speak for the other brands your talking about. I am not sure if you could get one for $1200 though where in OZ are you.

IMO, a commuting bike, if you are an all weather commuter, should have disc brakes and full fenders amongst other things. And because of this, Kona Sutra FTW.

I have found a deal on the Fuji $975.00 so will be buying that, thanks for the help.