help: frame id

the frame is made of reynolds 531 steel.
fork tips and dropouts are campag.
the numbers 1422 are stamped on the bb shell, along with either tt or 11.
the numbers 33 are on the steerer.
lugs are thought to be cinelli.

any help in picking this frame is appreicated

mcbain. case closed!

too easy - cheers gypsy, was waiting for a reply from erik but sweet cakes!!

Sure it’s not a Hillman without the misleading decals?

Didn’t purchase it from Jase didja?

bought it from gear actually so i should think gypsy knows what he’s talkin about!

But you don’t know what he’s talking about

exactly. look up, you might just be able to see the joke sailing over your head…

hmc was right, there are a lot of in jokes on this forum!!

ha well i’m open to other suggestions if they sound reasonable, but mcbain was up there on the shortlist of possibilities

it’s the one and only possibility on this forum for anything unknown… that’s the joke!
Oh…, and all the fake Hillman’s that Jase deals in.

That’s a nice frame you’ve got there.

The ‘11’ on the BB shell has cropped up a few times, usually relates to the manufacturer of the BB shell, but Aaron’s Cecil Walker had it. (Which was probably built by Paconi.)

How do you know it is 531? Is it a track frame? Can’t quite see from the photo. (A clear overall shot would be good.)

Nearly every McBain I’ve seen has been different, but some had drilled track ends if that helps.

Is the fork original? A photo of the fork crown and track ends would be handy.

when did you get it and what colour was it.

@dave - lulz i see…well an old fella at the bike store today who’s supposedly good at picking out frames reckoned it may be a kenevans so maybe?

@P!N20 - gear had it listed as a 531 when it was on the shop’s page and it’s track. not sure if the forks are original. nothing’s drilled anywhere. will take some more photos at some stage.

@dayne - bought it about a month ago. it was white. when stripping the paint there was also a layer of pastel green underneath.

Chuck a pic of the fork up Z, I’ve never seen one like it, and it will help these guys identify it! If it is indeed original!

Also Z, I been thnking, that green under the white may have been the effect of oxidization from the raw steel on that part of the paint. It didn’t appear to be primed at all when stripping the paint!

I know the one,
Chances are you will never know even if you think you work it out it’s just a guess really.
From what I can remember it looked like a nice frame.

no dramas - i’m not going lose any sleep over not knowing who built it. i think the build looks nice and it’s riding well so that’s about all that matters.
and i reckon you may be right henri - dont think i remember seeing any green come off the chromed forks apart from maybe the bits where it was chipped…but my memory is not very reliable…think someone’s got some pics lying aorund of the paint being stripped off

Yeah me ha ill have a look!

Forget it I see it’s a track frome

If it’s got horizontal rear drop outs then it’s a Cecil Walker built by a guy called George McDonald.

His ‘signature’ was the wrapping the seat stays over the top tube a bit. As in your pic.

I got this information from Cecil Jnr.

I don’t know how definitive this would be, wrapping SS caps over the ST lug is a pretty common method employed by many builders

^greed, that’s just what Cecil Jnr told me.