help from Sydney FOAmafia?

soooo, i sorta happened to win this ken this morning, only problem being i’m in melbourne, bike is in sydney.

any sydneysiders interested in assisting with the pick, pack and ship for me? i’ll make it worth your while in beer/ginger beer money and/or some parts from the bike itself (tri colour shimano 600, campy rims, amazing scott tri bars…).

happy to thrash out a deal or reciprocate the favour next time your dream bike turns up in melbourne, bike is apparently in enmore.



Someone must be able to help out… I’m too far out of town to be of much help.

If all else fails, contact Tom at Hell on Wheels BMX shop. He’s at Newtown, right near Enmore. Can’t guarantee anything of course, but he’s a good guy and might be able to swing something for you, at least packing up etc if someone can get the bike to him. He’s a bit partial to Dr Pepper and various kinds of cider.

Fail: read post.

Opposite side of city from me. Can help if everyone else fails.

buyers market at the moment, so flat…

eg. can’t believe llewellyns are selling for $500

and thanks for the suggestions/offers guys, hopefully someone is nearby.

(seller just realised i’m a Victorian…!!!)

You kept that quiet :wink:

I’ll be in Sydney (working) from the 15th to the 24th, can probably help if all else fails.

I live in Newtown so right around the corner. Happy to be part of the #foamafia.

Let me know if you need a hand.

Grumpy Gus doesn’t live far from there…

I’m around the corner and can quite easily organise to get it to your door, if any other offers of help fail. sail.

don’t mess with the family

just picked it up bricktop. looks great. haven’t given it a test ride or anything but it appears to be the bargain of the week. the tricolour stuff is super clean.

thanks mate, looks great.

SLX…nice. i asked the seller what the columbus sticker said - said it was too scratched up to read…