help i need a crank shaft!

so i have a cool paint design and i can hit on girls now.

made me laugh at least

hahahahaha what a douchebag

Can someone explain step 3 for me? :?

hahaha… so where exactly does it become a mad fixie?..

and I’m with him ^^ I is quite confused…

on a side note… i dont mind the bike that he has pictured there…

no mention of wheels :?

This is a cool article about a very fun subject.

Very entertaining. I love the comments!

“Mark Gardner” on how to build a NASA Space Shuttle:

First off, find yourself one of those old Soviet rockets. You can find used ones on different web sites, though they’re getting trendy these days.

Take it home and start ripping it apart. Take off the Russian lettering and the emergency ejector seats. Some people take off the parachutes as well but it is nice to have some stopping power when landing.

Change the rockety bits and the hoo-haa diddley-o’s. This might actually be the most expensive part. It’s hard to find rocket boosters for under 50 dollars but you might get lucky.

Come up with a nice paint design for it. Find a website with some good colourways to copy from. Tape up all the parts you don’t want to get overspray on.

Let it dry and put it together! Take it out and ride around in style. Go hit on some girls, they love your cool new space shuttle.


So the the bike I just put together isnt a fixie?

  1. I got an old one off a mate
  2. I took it home and ripped it apart
  3. I changed the rear wheel to fixed, changed the chainring and sprocket
  5. Musn’t be a fixie then if its not painted in cool colours! The girls won’t be likin me.

^then what the hell are you doing on these forums? :evil:

haha what a dildo! Dragging your feet on the ground to stop sounds abit sketchy, is that the new thing the kids are doin is it?