Help Identifying a track frame

Hey guys recently picked up a track frame that has seen better days but the plan is to restore it up nicely. However I am unsure of the frame maker and need the help of you guys to I.D it!

Specs so far:
68mm british bb
27.2mm seatpost
Davis? components stamped on bb shell
“bullet” ends as seen on rear dropouts
Front and Rear have been drilled at some point (previous owner)

And pictures (excuse the condition of frame currently in process of stripping paint)

Thanks in advance!

Not much to go on. Davis Components were British, I think, so maybe look at Raleighs, Butlers, Jacksons…

maybe also post images of the seat lug

I, along with a lot of other members fo this forum have had similar, if not the same builders’ frames pass through my collection.

Same davis’ lugs, fork crown et al.

Nothing special, mine was built for giromondo sportsawear in melbs, I think it was a small, lesser known builder. Not a goldmine, just a decent old track frame.

Yeah, my Whitehorn built Malvern Star looks very similar.

Thanks for the help so far guys!

Requested pictures:

@drozzy Cant find many details/images on giramondo frames would you have any by any chance?