Help me - crazy weird problem

Hey guys I have this weird problem - sometimes I go for a ride and afterwards my legs feel a bit tired. Walking up stairs is mildly harder than usual. Tying my shoelaces takes slightly more effort.

Can you tell me how to fix this? I’ve searched all the Internet Forumz and Seldom Brown, but have come up with nothing.

you have herpes. go see your doctor, and notify all of your recent sexual partners

You need to move house so you’re closer to the coffee shop.

Either that, or you need to get tighter jeans.

A pair of these should take care of that.

try pushing back harder with your right foot, when climbing stairs, and lift up with your left foot more, when tying your laces?

Have you checked the tread on your shoes? Maybe your Vans are a bit worn and you might not be getting as much grip as you used to?

also make sure your feet are at least 2/3 of the way into your shoes.

there’s your first problem…you need more of this:

this is a known problem with non NJS lockrings

Nah, needs more of this

didnt realise how long they had been making segways for?

Yeh, I see the problem here. You need a new bike.

aha! a solution!!!

Not enough post ride tapas…

More like you’ve been having too many kanye!

blah blah blah freckL your lips are always moving but only blah blah blah is coming out…

Sounds to me like the problem is with your legs, try fitting a new pair and try again. If that doesn’t work then just try harder

Says monsieur 1000 posts.

i’m talking about you in real life buddy…

these should sort out your problems …