Help me get a bike from outer Sydney (Rouse Hill) to Melbourne?

Hey Sydney heads, I’ve won a bike on ebay, but the seller is not budging and will only accept cash and local pickup.

Its in Rouse Hill, if there are any forum members living near there who would have the time to collect it for me, I would make it worth your while.

To make it as easy as possible, what I suggest is that you pick it up and drop it to your local bike store for packaging, and I will have a courier collect it from them.

If anyone lives near there and is interested in some easy money, PM me.

Coffee Ben

rouse hill? that’s a long way. i’d say yes if it was somewhere on a train line, but you’ll need someone with a car to get out there.

i’ll be in sydney next weekend. actually, i’ll just call you.

I would be ready and willing but Rouse Hill isn’t exactly in Sydney, good one hour drive from the CBD.

If the seller can drop it off in the city i’d be more then willing to get it down to you.

Ok, topic header changed, I realise its not right in the CBD but was hoping there is someone on the forum that lives out that way.

Don’t you have enough bikes? leave those poor Sydney kids alone, they don’t need to be dragged into your disposophobia.

I’ll pick it up and ship it to you at (your) cost and you can choose/decide what’s the best way if you can pick something* up from Narre Warren for me and keep it with you for a few weeks till I can drive to Melbs to pick it up :wink:

Something* = an old mechanical wine press (might need a ute/van or big hatchback) approx. 60cm wide/round and 120cm tall

oh man, you two are so bad for each other…

I dont have disposophobia, i get rid of stuff all the time, which is why I have 353 messages in my inbox and only 191 posts!

Spirito, that sounds like a fair deal, I’ll get back to you on it though because I have to speak to mckenny first as he is coming to sydney on the weekend and I might be able to work something out with him…

I actually live sort of out that way at the moment. If it suits, could pick the bike up and pass it onto mckenny on the weekend.
Let me know, picking up wouldnt be a problem.

what’s the new bike, coffee?

the issue for me with this is not that benny has procured another bike, (heck as long as its not a recumbent its all gravy - plus he is my size :wink:)… its that with each purchase the bar for us mere mortals gets higher and higher.

Those mazzas were amazing, the andreatton (spl?) was ridic, his nice bike is a very tasteful merckx… i’m scared to think what he has come across now.

suffice to say - pics or it doesnt exist!

mckenny, are you driving up to sydney? if you are… i have a bunch of tote boxes at a friends house & i’d chip in a couple of tanks of gas if you can pick them up in pennant hills and run to melb … :wink:

Sweet Paint skillz!

sorry kids, i’ll be flying. qantas, i believe. based on their record over the last few weeks there’s a chance that the flight won’t take off or will a wing will fall off or some shit.

happy to steal some headphones or the latest in flight magazine (which incidentally features an interview with darren mcculloch) for people, though.

Ok, it doesnt exist…

It didnt happen.

I dont have a problem.