Help me get my non gender specific confidence back.

I have has a series of “Big Moments” in the last month: Head on with a car, clipped a tree at 45 km/h and two incidences of speed wobbles (both at 55+ Km/h). Each time I have had my moments I have got back up and tried to push the envelope a bit more so that I would not lose confidence, but… I have.

Normally I would be the fastest guy on a decent but on the weekend I got past by a mate who I would normally be waiting for 5 minutes at the end of the same decent. I used to be able to have a crash and not worry. I guess it is the getting older thing.

So hit me with tips in getting confidence back out on the bike.

Thanks in advance, Hugo.

Just ride, thats all there is to it.

You will forget shit experiences in time

Or get really fucking drunk, but then you may die

Kahuna is a Hawaiian word meaning priest or sorcerer. I think it’s cojones you’re actually looking for. :wink:

It’s ok dude, i lost my sorcerer too.

But, basically, just ride the places you feel scared by. Eventually, you’ll come good.

Thanks for the correction. I definitely dont what my priest back. Can the mods change Kahuna to Gonads.

I’ve heard there are certain illegal drugs that give you the feeling of being 10 ft tall and bullet proof - maybe look into them… of course, they’re probably not going to help your balls…

But seriously - keep taking it easy, keep riding the same roads - you’ll get your grove back eventually. Unless you have some kind of PTSD in which case, go talk that shit out.

Chill,just ride within your limits,and slowly your confidence will grow. Pushing hard too early and failing just reiterates the negative feeling.
Relax and enjoy.


Lurn two spel. the confidence you gain from people actually being able to discern what you’re talking about will flow on into a regaining of your riding confidence