Guess which muppet folded his frame last night dinking a cute girl home… WTB a new frame 57"squarish so i can go to work tomoz. HELP ME OB1!!!

wow, hope she was worth it?

i’ve got a road conversion you could borrow if you get stuck. it’s a 57, in brunswick
a nigga gotta work

Why’s the chick not paying for a new frame?

Pics or it didn’t happen.

Moral of the story. No fat chicks

Did you dint the girl?

did she still let you hit it?

Did you fold her in half?

Did you get to ride her? or vice versa

Yeah sick more jokez about the girl.

You all suck.

did SHE suck?

these forums get worse by the week

FFS, i offered my spare to the dude to help him out of a jam and the forums are getting worse? I’ve never even met the dude


How about … if you can help out, PM Lane. Thanks