Help me win stuff off CyclingTips (WYMTM competition)

So I’ve got multiple photos that I’m tempted to submit to the CyclingTips What You Missed This Morning photo competition. Anyone want to comment on which of these is their favourite? (Only one submission per person is allowed, and entries end tonight.)

You can click on the text to enlarge the images.

From the recent MGG Night Grinder ride, the moon still visible at dawn.

Another Night Grinder one, this time the sunrise.

The first glimpse of water, from an early ride to Sugarloaf reservoir this morning (and because the climb had wrecked me and I wanted an excuse to stop).

Another bike-resting-against-a-fence shot, this time inside the Sugarloaf reserve.

Bike-resting-against-a-tree, as a subtle variation on the bike-resting-against-a-fence shot. Still at Sugarloaf.

Self portrait silhouette, the last one from Sugarloaf.

I’m leaning towards the last one, but any input is muchly appreciated…

(And the Flickr set is here, for anyone interested.)

the sunrise bikes shot does it for me. good luck with the competition.

The self portrait

wade’s not a fan of portraits so you wont win with it, go with the second one has the best lighting and composure

nah this is clearly the winner

love this shot, so much detail in the shadows. silhouettes are relatively easy to achieve, whereas a high contrast photo where no detail is lost is skill.

I agree - this one is brilliant. Perfect even. Easily beats most of the ones already entered.

yeah, that bikes and sunrise one is my pick as well. great photo

Ok, sounds like I should go with the Gravel Grinders sunrise…

… possibly a good idea, as I stole a Strava KOM off CyclingTips during the Sugarloaf ride, which might not help my chances! :smiley:

Ended up submitting the 2nd one, even though I liked the silhouette one better, and it made it through to the selection of finalists for voting:
@cyclingtips #WYMTM (or several mornings ago): Kinglake Sunrise, following the Melbourne Gravel Grinders night ride. - What You Missed This Morning Finalists - cyclingtips Photo by David Scarlett

Here are all the finalists, for those interested:
What You Missed This Morning Competition Finalists | Cycling Tips

Congrats Dave, special mention.

What You Missed This Morning Photo Competition Winners! | Cycling Tips

the winner deserves the wheels if they’re crazy enough to ride on caves road!!!

edit - also, congrats Dave!

Awww man, the one that won the grand prize is nothing special at all.

Haha, thanks guys. I hadn’t even noticed I’d won something until a friend pointed it out on Facebook!

I don’t actually mind the winner. I’ve got a bit of a soft spot for square format, although I’m not so keen on the (presumably) fake cross-processed/“vintage” look.

The 3rd and 5th place winners were quite nice, as was the “Separating the Blacks and Whites” special mention. The 4th place winner is great in every aspect except for the rider still wearing a helmet while off the bike! :smiley:

The only thing I liked about the winners photo was it was in Tassie. As you mentioned it looked really manipulated with, therefore fail in my book. And it didn’t even have a cyclist/bike in it!

Good work! The instagram winner wasn’t that good… I preferred yours, the chase through the Adelaide Hills and the black and white one. Oh well.

Think he nailed it:

“I have to admit that the voting system to choose the winners was not ideal. Of course choosing the “best” photos is a subjective thing so the fairest thing to do is leave it up to the people’s choice (which inevitably turns into a social media popularity contest).”

Aside from the “fairest”.


margaret river, WA is the caption…

Oh, I read Tinderbox somewhere- must have been a different photo. In any event, FAIL!

haha yep, you now like NOTHING about that photo!!

That used to be part of the ‘rules’, didn’t it? Disappointing winning photo, but some of the others are good - the one with the railway trestles is my fave, because I’m a sucker for a short depth of field.

Well done, Dave!