Help my sidi"s

the carbon soul on my sidi’s are slowly peeling off, is it possible just to take them to a shoe repair man and have them re-glued? coz the rest of the shoe is perfect(…well still got life in it any way)

and if so would any one recommend any certain shoe guy? …in melbourne i might add


there’s a good shoe guy on lonsdale, near the corner of russell, the north east corner. Sedaris Shoes maybe?? I dunno…he’s good but (or so I hear).

help my sidis instead! the velcro on one of the straps is no longer sticking! it totally fucks up my foot.

Sounds like you need some Shoe Goo
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i vaguely remember reading that the carbon bit was a replacable insert? maybe dig out the booklet thing that came with the shoes if you still have it…

thank you jimmy

no thanks to you brendan! hi-jack my thread after 1 post!!!

yeah thought about shoe glue but kind of want a pro to do it, as these shoes take a bit of a beating coz im so awesome and nobr akes and all

one of the couriers had a the same thing happen, he had two zip ties going around the shoe and sole around near the front and back of the cleat, seemed to work ok.
I’d be hitting up SIDI for a warranty repair though, don’t think you’ve had them that long yeah?

buy a new bike.

then give me your broken one.

Carbon has a soul? Sorry… ,)

What model because if MTB variety the carbon sole part is replaceable.

yeah dominator’s MTB, cool umm i might see if i can get warranty how would i go about that?

im gonna go look on the sidi site now but if you have info on this please post!

hey man everything has a soul i just dont want to let my sidi’s go to bike shoe heaven yet

i never even knew you could get dominators with carbon soles. anyway, a bit of googling tells me they are pretty much exactly the same as my eagle 6 carbons, in which case the carbon insert is definitely a replaceable part. possibly even under warranty depending on how old they are.

either way, i think your best bet would be to contact the shop you bought them from.