Help needed buying/building first fixie/ss

I’m after a fixie or single speed as a communter but I’m kinda torn between an off the shelf or building a custom with mostly new parts within a $1,000 budget.

Just wondering if anyone can share their opinions on the models listed below and/or if you’d recommend I build a custom so I have more control over my options/choices if I want to upgrade in the future.

I’m into this,5041.0.html from the ‘post your ride’ forum as a reference to what I’d be interested in building. I’m also into the finer details of most things so a custom build isn’t out of my ability…

  • Charge Plug
  • Trek Soho S
  • SE Lager Matte Black
  • Hillbrick Track Bike Nr14

If the custom route is the way to go, any online store or brand recommendations?

Thanks in advance!

well i suppose it depends on how soon you want to be riding. obviously, you can get something off the shelf, and be rolling straight away. it will also prob be cheaper this way. you may also want to check out the CELL bike (see the complete bikes section).

it is of course more satisfying to do a custom build, but you will have to be patient as you accumulate all the parts you need. and things can get pricey as your minimum ‘requirements’ slowly creep up… and also all the little bits add up to a considerable amount.

perhaps you can get something off the shelf that is close to what you want, then modify it to your needs, or slowly build up a custom using parts from your complete bike.

if you’ve got a short timeframe, then buy off the shelf, and spec it up with nice parts as desired. if you’re not in a hurry, and like hanging out on ebay, and can fit on an average size frame, then you could build it up yourself. it will probably incur more moeny spent though, taking into account postage etc,

If you can stretch your budget and its the right size , buy this,5755.0.html

before its torn to pieces

or this:,5815.0.html

which will leave some in your budget for:

Krypto lock
Crome messenger bag
Rosebank Stackhat

etc etc etc


which will leave some in your budget for:

Krypto lock
Crome messenger bag

That was me this morning.

I think I’m too impatient for a custom build at the moment but my biggest concern about getting something off the shelf is that, like most of you mention, I’d like to customise it in the future and therefore want something with a good foundation to build upon.

I’ve also considered the Surly Steamroller, as well as the list below if anyone has any feedback on these models as a good foundation to work on/first ride?

  • Charge Plug
  • Trek Soho S
  • Surly Steamroller
  • Hillbrick Track Bike Nr14

I’d love to get Zeph’s bike he’s selling but he sold out on the Blue Mountains for Melbourne so he’s not getting my cash!

And I’d love a Hartop instead of an orange Rosebank if anyone can track one down?!!

I heard the Charge is more of a trick track orintated bike… but I could be wrong.

There’s 2 versions of the charge, race and freestyle. I think the only difference is the bars and colour, maybe the forks.

After doing a little more research, I’m thinking of the Masi Speciale or the Surly Steamroller.

Anyone have any thoughts/comments/feedback on these?

I’d take the Masi
slightly lighter and a little less brown

Best price I found in Sydney for the 2009 Masi Speciale Fixed was $899 at Mortdale Bike Shed but they said they have no stock and the Masi distributer doesn’t have any stock until May/June. Typical.

don’t wait! take action now!

recipe for success:

  1. get an old 80’s road bike from yr local tip/auction house/shop. pay $20-$200.

  2. pull it apart, take off the bits you don’t need, get someone clever to re-spoke the back wheel, and stick a single sprocket on it. You don’t even need to go 1/8th chain, if you can find a singlespeed/BMX-type sprocket.

  3. start riding.

  4. spend money on fancier bits and pieces when you know what you really want.

(track frames are sweet as but if you’re just commuting, the steep rake/ twitchy handling isn’t really that much of a plus.)

I just did the above, and got my bike going for $300, including a $70 lock. easy. and now people stop me in the street to take photos of it. hah!

I will be posting up a mega sweet roadie FIXED/SINGLE SPEED conversion in the next few weeks. I set a budget of $400 for the whole bike.

Cheap conversion can be easily done, just shop around. heeps more rewarding in the end then an off the shelf job. But then again its up to you really.

Watch this space :-o

I got a little too impatient to build something and picked up a Masi Speciale Fixed. checked out the Surly Steamroller, Giant Bowery and Schwinn Madison but found the Masi exactly what I was after in a new off-the-shelf purchase.

Anyone have any online store recommendations for some Nitto flat bars? Or any other recommendations on brands of flat/riser bars?

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