Help needed selecting new bike for my lady

The Cannondale Quick also seems a similar kind of thing, but I think the Liv is better spec’ed for the price.

And yes, I have noted the comments on steel and quality componentry. I will compose my thoughts and choose my words more carefully!

You’re all good =)

I found the Thrive 1 disc in size small and got a reasonable deal for it. Woooooo!

Now I just need to figure out which fenders and rear rack will suit best. Anybody got a good suggestion?

The clearance between the top of the front tyre and the fork crown is ENORMOUS so I may need to fashion my own bracket in order to get anything even remotely close to decent fender line.

Thanks to everybody for their advice!

Fender flute.

Well, that’s something. I had to cobble together a super-long tab to get the guards on my crosscheck to fit. That thing would’ve been perfick.

Thanks Geoff and heavymetal (don’t know your name!)

I might get the fender flute if I order a bunch of stuff from bike24 or somewhere, else I will follow the route of doing a super long tab. I had my friend fashion me a longer one to replace the original tab on the Longboards on my bike, but that was an ordeal of its own!

Meanwhile we shall pick the bike up today and I will resume sifting through the dazzling array of rear racks from Topeak and figure out which is most suitable.

Would expect a Fender Flute to be on hand at Commuter Cycles, be surprised if they don’t have one.

Composite forks don’t have a hole in the bottom, do they?

Depends on the bike/model, some composite forks have brake holes and you may be able to work something out with that. A piece of meccano may do the trick.

Meccano? You are a genius. The bike definitely has a hole in both front and rear of the crown, it’s just getting the fender down low enough for maximum sexiness.