help! needed this Tuesday: 1 old school bike helmet / hairnet / dutch helmet

… or whatever you call them.

the leather strappy ones.

A friend in Sydney needs it for a photo shoot. She can buy / hire / borrow.

Anyone got one available, or know where I can find one ?

Thanks in advance.

Maybe spirito?

Photo example?

I have some old (admittedly smelly) helmets in the garage that might suit?

I think he means the ones kevin costner wore in American Flyers, the ones that are soft to touch like football headgear? I believe Henry (guy with the cougar) has a Cinelli one that is brand new and he was trying to sell at the swap meet.

one of these?

cinelli hairnet

yea henry has one… he can be found getting stoned with baker at the crix…

thanks, but she’s after an older one … in brown or black


Actually, the shoot isn’t for a few weeks so let me know

trying to sort one through my dad’s old network of cyclist mates down in Vic too.

thanks for the interest.