Help on a SS/ fixie

As a simple man , I try and judge a bicycle on a Holden n ford situation . I own a giant road bike and a red line bmx . Both bicycles I consider to be in the Holden ford and Toyota range of quality . Good honest and good bang for your buck . Fixie and ss I can’t get the gist of … I don’t want to mention brands , but KELL , licorice all sort , shapel Corby, Jersey cow and FEID brand of fixies seam to be the entry level bikes and I would like to go a step up . I don’t want Rolls Royce but could some body please suggest some brands to get me started . I feel Masi Fuji and Felt could to be the Holden n ford and a step up from entry level . I’ve read some forums and the ( hidden name again ) FE Pilsener appears to be just only one step up from the KELL , jersey cow , licorice all sort and FEID . I hope you can help me and maybe suggest some other brands . Please use their proper names as I’m pretty thick and it will take me ages to relise the proper name :slight_smile:

My understanding is the new maxi’s are crap. Fuji would def be a step up from there and meets tight budget, lower end alloy felts are a step up again and can be had pretty dam cheep on flea bay some times and (again from what I’m told) are pretty dam good. You could spend more than any holden or ford is actually worth on a BS high end Felt if you really like. Other than that really good quality bikes with reasonable price tags that come to mind are Colossi and Leader. What is your budget if you don’t mind me asking?? There is a couple of nice NJS completes going for around the 1K mark… pretty good value yeah.

Thanks ioklone , that gives me a start , I’ll look up leader and colossi . I have a budget of 700 and the Fuji feather is in the ball park . I just didn’t want to spend 500 on a bike that I could of spent 700 and got a much better machine . If I spend more too , I don’t mind if I’m getting something better again . For me , the bike is going to be used as a week end bike path , coffee seeker friend .

For around $700 (probably more like $800) you could do worse than a Kona Paddy Wagon.

edit: I think it’s worth spending a bit more than $700. That seems to be around the price where a hundred or two more gets a much better bike.

surly steamroller too!

Click Bike bicycle clearance boutique (Salsa Cycles & All-City Cycles)

or build one up

Click Bike bicycle clearance boutique (Salsa Cycles & All-City Cycles)

edit: oopps only tiny framesets avail and only 58cm completes

Perfect thanks snow flake , that’s what I want to hear

I’ll check them out

This is better …thanks mike , haven’t seen this web site before .