hey dudes and dudettes,

I’m after a rear high flange track hub that is double fixed in 28h.
So far i have had trouble tracking something down. (not really in the market for something as pricey as a phil wood) I’m after a double fixed as i want to run a cog suitable for the track and a cog suitable for the road,

if somebody can offer a suggestion it would be greeeeatly appreciated.


Dura-Ace is slightly cheaper.

The low spoke hole count will limit your options. Most “buget” double sided track hubs come in 32 holes and up. Something to consider.


And also consider that even if you do get a cheapie/budget hub (velocity/ formula/ anything else from the same factory), which will be fixed-free rather than fixed-fixed, you really don’t need a lockring on the track, so the ‘free’ side of the hub can work as your ‘track’ (cog) side.

Why do you want to run a 28 sopke count? To match an existing front hub? What is the front hub you’re wanting to combine with? How much do you want to spend?

well i picked up a pair of 28h super areos for basically nothing, and as im a shitty poor uni student i was looking to source a hub rather than the whole deal haha.

yeah the fixed/free idea is an option but getting something in 28h is an absolute punish. hopefully Dan at shifter can help me out.

You can get Formula fixed/free (same as IRO/Velocity) in 28/32/36h (I have 28-120mm & 36-126mm), BensBikes/Bens Cycles in WI carry the 28h.

Maybe this is why the rims were cheap, ah-hah!