Help pick my bro a bike

As per title, please help my bro pick a bike. He’s going to do 20Km loop to work and back every day wants to spend about $750 and wants to do it now’ish yeah. My vote is for the Cannondale, here are the choices…

1: Buy Specialized TriCross Sport 2010, Specialized, Cyclocross Bike for Sale in Taringa, QLD

2: Cannondale R800 Road Bike | eBay

3: Christmas Present Ideas? Bianchi Via Nirone 7 Carbon/Alu 55cm | Bicycles | Gumtree Australia Redcliffe Area - Scarborough

All these are overkill for the riding your “bro” will be doing, start out cheaper possibly ss then upgrade from there, this leaves cash for pedals, shoes and all the commuting kit you will need. Plus gears have issues that require more cash to fix.

I would like to say the tricross but I have to put my vote in for the Cannondale - better parts and looks hot.

of the 3 I vote for the CX bike.

Its got mounts for mud guards and racks and can fit fat tyres, all good things for a commuter. Plus its the most versatile and has the widest gear range - good if the commute has some hills…

  • the wheels on the cannondale are naff

The tri cross looks 54 the bianchi is 55 the cannondale is a 59 thats a big size difference,
Does he know what size he is?
20km is not far i would go a ss fuji or gear colossi.

He’s done the ss thing for a while now and is ready to move on. He’ll do the weekend ride here and there and I just got him new shoes for x-mas! Good point on the gears and cash but. We spoke on that and replacing/servicing the shimano parts is going to be cheaper than the campag parts yeah?

Yeah, He’s about 6" tall but likes a relaxed position. He’s got a crapped out bitsa Visp atm and is over the ss thing I feel.

I vote Cannondale, probably not the best pure commuter though.

I’m looking to move on my 59cm Eric Hendren if retro steel is an option. I also still need to return your tyres/wheel.