Help! Purchasing a new wheelset.

So, I’m looking at buying a set of wheels, (probably off ebay) for an old seventies Raleigh conversion I’m building up. I really want a rear track wheel and a front wheel I can run a brake with. I have no idea about hubs or rims or anything, but i’m looking at spending around $200-$250. They’ve gotta be 700c, and I don’t want some insanely pastel coloured deep v’s, something classy in either silver or black. Any suggestion or stores? What should I look out for?


Abbotsford cycles. Velocity or Hillbrick wheel sets arnt to expensive

i think JKL is in adelaide.
i’ve got the hillbrick wheels, they’re little heavy, and my set doesn’t have a machined braking surface, so the paint just wears off where i use brakes.
maybe try and find someone who’s bought a new track bike and is upgrading the wheelset

Yeah, I am in Adelaide.

I was looking at Mavic rims with Formula hubs (flip flop rear hub) for around $200 from the US including postage. But is this a rip off?

That sounds like a good deal- are you sure that it includes postage because generally postage from the US is expensive. $200.00 for a complete wheelset is a bargain really.

I bought a set of Mavic CXP22s on velocity hubs from Wheel & Sprocket’s ebay store a month or so ago (bought them for a mate), from memory all up about AU$250 posted. A pretty solid, workmanlike wheelset and wheel an sprocket are a good mob to deal with - you should have no worries with them or their wheels.

Yeah, three of my friends just bought some (gross blue anodised) and other assorted coloured deep v’s from Wheel and Sprocket and they got them under a week. I just didn’t know how good Mavic and formula are…

Here’s the link for Wheel and Sprocket…

Mavic / Formula Track Wheels.

I have a pair of Formula track hubs on Velocity Deep-V’s and they have been fine- hubs are nothing spectacular, but they have survived the streets for about a year with no issues and the sealed bearings are still running fine. The formula hubs and the velocity hubs are the same thing by the way.

oops, I meant Formula hubs, not velocity. yep, nothing special but plenty good enough.

I bought some new plain silver deep v’s with formula fixed/free hubs from this ebay seller, $US150 best offer plus $US72 postage, arrived the other week and seem fine.

Wow you did well to get them here from the US for just $72. I bought a wheelset last year and was quoted $300+, and tried all sorts of things. Ended up waiting for a friend to visit and carry them for me. Word of warning to others thinking of buying wheelsets from the US - be very careful you have the freight quoted first.

^^^ Postage is generally around 60-70us for a complete wheelset. I think they might have been having you on mate.