Help some sisters out.

Two of Brunswick Cycling Club’s finest members have been selected to race with the Australian Women’s Development Team, which spends a month in Europe, racing bikes and beating up the locals with their cycling power and expertise. One is long time Brunswick member and all-round champion Kendelle Hodges, who as well as spending a number of nights sleeping on our spare bed, is one of the smartest cyclists I’ve ever met. And the other is former fixie kid extraordinaire and new NRS powerhouse Tessa Fabry, who can rip a mean sprint and a mean skid (and who may have been an FOA member at some point…). But they need to raise some funds for their trip. And that’s where you come in.

You can bid for the fundraising auction here: 32auctions — Let’s get Tess and Kendelle into the National team

And there’ll be a sweet eveningtime event coming up on the 27th - more info posted as it’s confirmed. Former World Champion and current bike messenger (for real!) Judith Arndt is going to be there, and I might be doing an interview with her. That’d be fun! I’m gonna ask her if she’s gonna start racing alleycats.

This is the chance of a lifetime for these two - kick in some cash today, so in the future you can say that you helped them out way back when. Even if you don’t want to bid - because hey, I know I don’t want a Hell’s 500 kit - you can still kick in some cash on the night.

I hope that you can convince her. I’ve tried a few times, but to no avail.

Given. (I should get a tatt on my back saying that, with some massive angel wings above it)

Saying I helped a current superstar way back when is so far up my alley its not even funny… I live off that sort of thing.

27th sounds like it will be an unreal night, anna wilson and Judith would be near the top of my list of cyclists to chat to (or listen to via PA, if thats what is on offer).


fuck, me too. it’s most of the reason that i’m a schoolteacher.

Facebook event now up. It’s called La Course: by le Tour de France. I’d link it here, but I’m on the phone and such technological skills are beyond me.

thanks kit!