Help! Track Frame ID

G’day all,
JUst wondering if there’s anyone out there who can help me identify this frame I got off the 'bay. The guy I got it off described it as 60’s vintage, and reckoned the dropouts might be Bates. It has Nervex lugs, but I don’t know the original colour or anything (it’s been sandblasted). BB Shell numbers are as follows (some of the numbers are a bit iffy but this is the best guestimate i could come up with):

590306400 (or possibly a capital D) 222E36

with M415 above left and perpendicular to this.

I’m going to get it painted soon so if I can find out the original paintjob and decals I’ll try and restore it to its former glory.

Don’t know how to embed pictures but here’s a link to some photos…

Actually, how do you embed photos?

Thanks in advance…

i’ve got a similar frame, in worse condition, what the guy said sounds correct.

btw, before you build it up, how heavy does it feel?