Help: tyres

ive been searching all over the web for some brown 700 x 23-26c tyres. I was wondering if anyone has had this problem and where did they get them from. so far the only place i can find any are $US20 duro from the UK but the shipping costs are insane. any help would be great.

cheers in advance

By ‘brown’, do you mean the colour brown, or gum wall (old skool) ?

Check ebay, over the last few weeks i’ve seen some of these duro tyres up for auction.

hi, yeah the colour brown. gum wall keeps poping up in my search though

cheers for the suggestion bergs but its just the red or yellow ones, bike exhange has a shop in perth selling all colours except brown and one other :frowning: guess i can always just pay the shipping, costs the same as the two tyres, $US40.

Just get white tyres and ride without a saddle/post or brakes, ride around town in traffic and then swap front to back after a week if you’re still alive = poo brown


Also, Duro’s are ok unless you do crazy skids. Soft compount, they have good grip and shit but yeah.

hmmmm interesting…
ive been using white lately, switched my back with front already but think i did it a bit too late as the thread is parting and thought why not have a change to brown. also just bought a new brown saddle so would like to ride on it :stuck_out_tongue:

mmmm yeah i heard about that but that is pretty much the same as any tyre, you do skids and they wear… its life, thats also a factor whether or not to pay so much, then again if i do get them ill try not to do crazy skids as they cost a bit and will need the traction in the winter

Double Post.

Fyxation do a brown tyre but it has a white wall. . Im not sure if they are available in Melbourne easily (Low/No Shipping) though. I think they should be though as they sponsored the Australian Hardcourt Polo Champs.
EDIT- When you say “Duro’s” do you mean these.

Fyxation do a brown tyre with a whitewall so you can have the best of both brown and white worlds.

Sorry EvilGenius - obviously posting at the same time. I know Hell on Wheels in Sydney sell some colours, not sure about the brown ones - worth giving them a call maybe.

ah nice i like them. I shall search around for them!
duros as in the fixie pop lollie sounding ones. thinks its called billy brown or something along thoughs lines

haha touche treacle. i shall look at HoW.

probably just better buying fyxations straight from the website. way cheaper than australian pricing on them.

Have you got a second hand pair going cheap?

A spare pair of white tyres?

Yeah sounded like a good idea, but they say they dont have any in stock. ill give them an email

JWM if you order two brown from Fixation order me two too and we’ll split postage.

hey, yeah i would but they are out of stock and have not replied to my email yet. still searching around