help wanted cooranbong/morrisett/lake maquarie

so i bought a bike on le’bay from a fella who cant box it up to be couriered down to me in Melbourne, so im hoping some beautiful generous ‘community minded’ and all round legend near Cooranbong is able to pick it up then maybe she or he happens to be travelling down to Sydney soon and i could have a friend pick it up from you down there who will baby it until im in nsw OR if you could pick it up then box it and hand it to a courier that will come to your door and then drop it at mine.

I just moved house and got rid of all the spare parts laying about so the only gift i can offer is endless love,a favour in return and a pineapple or something like that.

This is a long shot but blakeys suggestions are generally pretty damn good

and yes it is a pretty ugly bike that really doesnt look worth the hassle but deep down under those attachable bullhorn things and smokey dawson seat is a japanese chromoly butterfly waiting to emerge beautiful again (or just do wheelies)

I can’t help but was going to bid on that MB-3 myself. Can you ask old mate to drop the bike at the LBS, then pay the LBS to box it, and you arrange the courier to pick it up from the shop.

Apparently the seller said this. And the LBS said nope when zeph asked.

:wink: Fingers crossed. Just visualise it!

There is a group ride to Newcastle next weekend, hopefully if someone is being picked up by car they can organise this.

Unfortunetely I am not one for owning a car right now.

If you can hang out till xmas, I’ll be heading past lake mac further north, can pick up for you. Downside, I’m not sure whether I’ll be back in Sydney before new years.

Apparently he isn’t too far from morrisset station and I’m gonna be in nsw in a month,guess ill sort it out then

why can’t it be boxed??

these guys are pretty cheap and once its in a box… you can organise every thing at your end… all he has to do is be home when they come a calling

Cos the seller won’t do it and the seller’s LBS won’t do it.

What a dick.