help with health assignmnt, get $$

As some of you will know, I am in my second last semester of my nursing/ public health service management degree at Queensland Ultimate Tafe. For the health service management degree, I am doing a subject called qualitative inquiry in public health. Qualitative research focuses on gathering data relating to human behavior and is often regarded as the “airy fairy” counterpart to quantitative research, which focuses more on mathematical models and empirical, scientific data collection. Personally I hate the subject; however there is only one assessment item, worth 100% of the unit mark, due at the end of semester. The assignment is to gather qualitative data, analyse the data and submit a report based on the findings of the data.
The lecturer has given me the green light to do a study of fixed gear bicycle riders and their attitudes towards risk taking behavior; eg. Attitudes towards wearing helmets, compliance with road rules, attitudes towards law enforcement, motorists and pedestrians, riding under the influence of recreational drugs and/ or alcohol etc. I will be producing a survey, some of which will be sliding scale questions (i.e completely disagree, agree somewhat, agree strongly) and short answer questions. I need somewhere between 20 and 30 respondents for the survey which I will be conducting in 2 months time. I will be putting my scholarship money toward a $500 prize for use at gear, which will be drawn by Eric at the beginning of November. I need respondents from a variety of age and socio-economic groups, and anyone who responds SERIOUSLY to the survey will be in the running to win the prize, regardless of whether or not they are chosen for inclusion in the report.
There’s something in it for me as well though, if I get a credit or a distinction in this subject, it will bring my GPA up above 5, and allow me to do my next practical component for public health next year in Vietnam. I’m currently writing up the ethical considerations for the project for submission next week, and will then be creating the actual survey, so if anyone has any serious questions they think should be on the survey, let me know. Questions have to focus on the why and how of health behavior, so for example I would ask “why do you/ don’t you wear a helmet?” rather than simply “do you wear a helmet?”
I’m not the most academically inclined of people, so I really appreciate any help that I do receive, and as I said above, it will give me the awesome opportunity to do my public health practical placement somewhere really interesting, rather than being cooped up in an office all day somewhere in Queensland Health.

Remember to add a question about risks taken riding without a brake.

I would also be interested to see if the risk people take increases when taking part in an alley cat.

i will be interested in doing one of the surveys for you.

i think questions night time visibility would be good too. from both sides like running lights on your bike to help see where you are riding or so people can spot you could of thing.

Count me in. I can help you out with some nifty ways to present the data as well. Qualitative data analysis is my bread and butter at the moment, we’ll get you the Distinction don’t you worry!

Q’s about group versus individual behavior would be very telling. I also think behavior around small children may show an interesting trend (do you do crazy stuff in front of impressionable minds?). Behavioral change in a group after a member has been fined or injured? Individual change after injury or fines?

Analysis of perceived versus actual risk? If you could get some actual reliable data on the number of fails when undertaking a risk you could show some awesome trends. Splitting a population into various groups and determining the most at risk would be useful. Similar to how that helmet research (can’t find the link) showed that riders without helmets have a lower perceived risk of being injured, but a higher actual risk of being hit by cars because riders without helmets were given more space.

count me in! i FRICKIN LOVE surveys. (is that weird?)

Down. I didn’t read your whole post but it sounds like fun.

Locked and loaded… bring it on. I’ll do it!

Thanks for the support guys, prize money is with eric, he’ll be drawing the prize to minimise selection bias, lol. As I said, still writing up the ethical considerations, so the actual survey is about 1 month to 6 weeks away. Thanks for all the ideas, I will be holding you all to your promise of participating.

Count me in too!

I’m in Melbourne, can I still help? :?
I love surveys!

I’ll have a long hard look then a red hot go. Can’t wait to see the excuses for no helmet/no brakes (my own included).

Anyone can help I guess, I’ll probably limit it to Australia though.

Suggest you include questions around age/sex - I expect you might find a correlation between certain age groups (and possibly gender differences) and levels/absence of risk taking behaviour.

Why don’t you just post a link to the survey up on the site and let people participate that way?


Im keen.

will there be dragons and or chest arms involved??

Dragons, and/or chest arms have no place in the world of qualitative research :expressionless:

Count in the Gypo. Keen as.

this shocking news saddens me…

sounds like worthy topic

im in too :slight_smile:

im in!