Help with info on old D.M.Inglis bike

Picked this up yesterday with intentions of keeping the stem selling the rest but when i turned up found it’s built up with all the goodies.
Campy26.8 seat post
Wright saddle
Campy Gran Sport 5 speed.
Magistroni cottered cranks and Prior pedals.
Cinelli Milano steel bars and badged stem.
Weinmann centre pulls
Weinmann alloy wheels 40/32 tubular 28" with campy hubs.
The frame is straight and solid in great condition and from what i can gather a 1959 model as thats the first of the serial number and has Campagnolo dropouts.
this is all i could find on the net

Indeed, that’s a hot shot racer from the late 50’s (roughly). Very nice score … wondering if the rims are wood filled (possible)?
Don’t know anything about the frame make though but with Nervex Pro lugs and Campagnolo dropouts it’s top tier for sure. Importantly I really like the parts build … top quality UK, Swiss, Italian and French parts … bikes were so much more liberated back then unlike now where people waste half a lifetime trying to match stuff (for no reason).

That’s a shit hot find, well done!
Isn’t this the kind of bike collectors go crazy for?

This is a great find and a lovely era of cycles.
The Campag gears from this time are awesome too.
I can’t offer any info, but you should ask here:
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Thanks guys it’s a beautiful bike but just measured it up far to big for me it’s a 58.5 St ctc and 60 tt ctc.

perfect for RogerRabbit (maybe contact him :wink: )

Thanks guys heres some more details on the bike,
I just was looking over the bike again and noticed an A stamped on the seat cluster and grabbed the serial numbers,
59’ 3064’ D22 E38. After the d22 their is a tiny 2 and after each set of numbers there is a 0 like a degree symbol.
I would love to be anle to id the frame but i know this is often not achievable.
Here is the top tube name.